Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rode VideoMic Me Review
By Jeff Barlow (Nimrod Outdoors)

Have you ever tried to record a video with your Cell Phone? Of course you have, we all have. Do you do it on a regular basis? Are you a Vlogger or a Film Maker and use your cell phone?

I know we use our cell phone to record video all the time of our hunts. In the beginning of our YouTube channel, my cell phone was all I had to record with. Some guys out them have highly expensive cameras or video camera but I just had my cell phone.

There were some great benefits for using my phone. Your phone is just so handy. Its small and fits in your pocket, you never go anywhere without it and I had the videos or pics right there at my fingertips and it was easy to post to social media from there. The cameras (video and pics) on phones is improving every day but the worst part was the sound. To get the quality sound you needed for your videos was really hard, unless it was a perfectly calm day they wind could cause major microphone problems.
We did a little research and found the solution. It is called the Rode VideoMic Me. It is a super great little mic to take with you wherever you go to get great sound quality while recording video with your cell phone in an outdoor setting.

The VideoMic Me is a lightweight, compact, high-quality directional microphone that plugs in directly to the phones microphone/headphone 3.5mm socket. Its got a great mounting system that allows it to work with almost any smartphones. You can use it with both the primary camera and front facing (selfie) camera depending on which way the mic is facing.

On the back of the mic there is a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to playback your videos without having to remove the microphone to assure quality sound. The VideoMic Me includes a deluxe furry windsock for shooting outdoors or in windy conditions. It is such an easy plug and play mic that requires no batteries or external power to run. I runs off you cell phone battery and uses very little power.
The mic is about 3 inches long and 3/4 inch wide and weighs in at just over an ounce. It fits perfect into a pocket for quick access. It records in a cardioid pattern, which means it records from the front and sides and rejects sound from behind. The frequency range of this little mic is 100Hz – 20kHz and the connection output is TRRS. You can find this mic on Amazon for around $50
We have used this mic many times and the windsock make a world of difference when trying to get good quality sound while outdoors. It can be blowing very hard and you can still get great sound. You can also use the mic in indoor settings when you want to make sure you get good quality sound on your recording.
If you are a Regular Joe and don’t have a lot of extra income to get the high end cameras, you should look into getting the Rode VideoMic Me as an addition to your cell phone recording. Whether you are trying to record a hunt or your kids playing in the championship game, this mic will up your sound quality and you won’t be disappointed.

We will have a YouTube Product Review video on the Rode VideoMic Me on our YouTube Channel which will give you audio samples of recording with the mic.

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