Saturday, November 2, 2019

New Life Saving Product

By Jeff Barlow (Nimrod Outdoors)

I remember a night a few years ago that was one of the longest hardest nights I have ever spent on the mountain. I had killed a bull back in the back country, a couple miles from the truck through a very deep canyon. By the time we processed the bull, so we could get him out, it had turned very dark on us. There was no way we were going to be able to get out through the big canyon in the dark. We spend a very cold long night on the mountain. We were not prepared for that night.

This last year we ran into a new product that could have save us that long cold night. We were introduced to Pyro Putty, which is a sticky moldable putty that lights very easy.  It is light weight and comes in 3 different blends for different situations. There is a winter blend, a summer blend, and an eco blend. It comes in 2 different sizes (.5 oz can or a 2 oz can) and fits great into any pack. 

They also have different ways for lighting the Pyro Putty from a Dual Arc Plasma Lighter to a Ferro Rods. You can also use just a regular match to light it. If you have the patience you can even light it with a magnifying glass. 

All you have to do is pull out some of the putty, from the size of a pea or up to the size of a nickel, pull it apart exposing some of the fibers and light it. A piece the size of a Nickel will bur for about 8 - 10 minutes. In windy conditions make sure to establish a good flame before exposing it to the wind.

We have used it a time or two on the mountain and it is super easy to get a fire started. My boys started a fire in about 30 seconds and were getting warm last week on our deer hunt. If you haven't checked out Pyro Putty you definitely need to give it a look. This is something you can put in your pack that could save your live. I know it would have change one night for me and made it much nicer that night on the mountain. 

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